Ordinary Elephant (USA)

Community Events
Hats Courthouse Auburn
Friday, April 12, 2019 at 7:30pm - 12:00pm
Contact Name
Cherie Harvey
Contact Phone
8849 2420
Contact Email


DATE; Friday 12th April

TIME: 8pm

VENUE Hats Courthouse Auburn

PRICE: $25.00 pre-booked $28.00 @door

TKS via Eventbrite

Or call 8849 2420

Cheese Platters Coffee & Cake available on the night.

International Music Award winners in 2017 Artist of the Year Ordinary Elephant captivates listeners with their well-honed combination of insightful writing, effortless harmonies and intertwined clawhammer banjo and guitar. The nomadic husband and wife duo is “as genuine as it gets” says legendary Texas producer Lloyd Maines. Pete’s understated, melodic and mellow banjo weaves through Crystal’s steady and clean rhythm guitar, with poetic lyrics purposefully delivered in rich harmony, “like their voices were made to go together” – Texas Music Journal. Do not miss seeing these guys in your area; you will be in for an incredible evening.”